Welcome to the Shedders home page.

This site is receiving a lot of visitors this week (over 2000 hits at last count), as a result of ABC Radio National’s By Design show.

The attention isn’t a surprise. Almost everyone we talk to is interested in our story.IMG_0078 - 2 There is a hunger for community out there, as well as a concern about life in the traditional retirement village. Our initiative suggests an alternative way, as well as insights into the struggles and triumphs that you could expect on your own journey.

The ABC broadcast did a great job of exploring the design of the house, the support we’re able to provide for each other, and some of the elements of day to day life in our community.

I’ve written a book, called Shedders, soon available as an e-book. You can sample it on this website. Let me know if you’d like to be notified when the book is published.

Shedders is our story. What is yours? What interests you? What concerns you? What steps have you taken? What design would work for you? Would you live in the country? Would you share your retirement with other people in this way?

We’d love to hear from you. You can comment here on the blog or write me directly at hbolstler@gmail.com.

To follow the blog and interact regularly about life in this kind of alternative community, just click Follow Blog in the usual way.


6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Was a very interesting story on radio national and your blog is a great read, thank you! As a Clinical Psychologist, living in your neck of the woods and also residing in a John Basden/Sunergy Design home (which we love as it performs so well and looks great too), I am so interested so see how things go over time for you and your friends living together and sharing your lives. Renae

    • What a coincidence (well, perhaps not so much…). I’m glad you made contact. Where is your home? I’d love to do a drive-by.

  2. I also heard your story on Radio National and have just read all your blogs whcih have been fascinating. I discussed a similar proposal with a friend years ago with separate small homes on the same site but in an urban area close to transport, health, shopping, the coast and education. My vison was that we could not only assist each other and socialize but take advantages of sharing the financial and organisational burden of cleaning, maintenance, gardening and nursing services, if and when needed. Your comment about each person bringing their own particular skills and abilities is so important and I think, can easily be overlooked. The house looks wonderful and I am interested in the social dynamic of the group as time progresses. I wonder also what is the ‘opt out’ clause if and when needed?

    • Hello Jacqueline. I’m with your vision all the way! – would love to keep in touch and find out how your own journey is going. Regarding the ‘opt out’ clause, could I refer you to one of the chapters of my Shedders book? – https://shedders.wordpress.com/category/chpt-17-signed-in-blood/ (Chapter 17 from the “Shedders – the book” tab, if that link doesn’t work). It’s written conversationally but answers your questions about how we set up our exit agreement.

  3. thanks so much for the link Heather, I wasn’t able to listen to it on the day. It’s a great interview! Well done all of you.

    Love Telly

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