I have a very exciting announcement.Shedders Cover square

My book, Shedders, has been published on Amazon this week – it’s finally off my desk and out in the world. Check it out here. Isn’t it amazing that for a mere $3.99 anyone can learn how to create a life-long community, handle retirement in style and double the fun in life?!

Allow me to cite the first review, which says it all much better than I could:

Inspirational, informative, cautionary, interesting

May 23, 2013. Review from Shedders (Kindle Edition)

As a long-time, long-distance friend of the author, I was privileged to read a draft copy of this book. Then, I reread it as it was serialized on the author’s web site. Now that it’s on Kindle, I’ll be reading it again. I’ve already recommended it to everyone in my circle.

This book inspired me. For perhaps the first time in my six decades, I questioned my personal trade-off between privacy and community. More than any other, this account changed what my wife and I are looking for in our future living arrangements. It began to open our eyes to this and other forms of collaborative housing.

The book also scared me. The Shedders’ journey was hard work. The challenges the author, her husband and friends faced over a number of years grip the reader. I can see that some who try this may not succeed. Yet, the account also offers hope that, with good friends and good intentions – and perhaps a bit of luck – most obstacles can be overcome. And the attempt enriches lives.

For anyone making that attempt, “Shedders” is also full of lessons learned, and one of the best summaries of key issues you will need to address – underscored with emotion.

Finally, this is just a darn good read. For me, it was a page-turner … even on the second reading. The personalities come to life, and the depth of honest reporting and self-reporting in this account is most generous. I now feel as if I know all six of them personally.

Read it, and you may shed some of your own baggage and embark on new adventures in living … at any age.

Paul Miniato (Canada)
Founder, “South Delta Free at 55 Meetup”

If that’s inspired you to purchase, go for it! (click here).

Of course, I would love for anyone who’s read and enjoyed the book to review it on Kindle. It makes a big difference to future sales as well as provides feedback for my writing.

Also please pass on the link to people you know who might be interested.

For those of you who don’t have a Kindle, did you know you can download a (free) Kindle app to your computer or tablet? I watched with fingers crossed this week as a friend ordered the first copy of Shedders, then downloaded the Kindle app to her iPad so she could read it. It took only a minute or two, and the book looked great.

For those of you who prefer paper, I will be organising Print on Demand shortly – which means I can organise a printed paperback copy for you. Let me know by email if you might like a copy or copies and I’ll tell you how that works.


I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the tremendous support I’ve had in this publishing project from Housemate of the Month, Daniel Weinstein.

Watching Daniel in action has me realise how he got to be cluey about so many things. If you take an insatiable curiosity and combine that with deeply-entrenched technical skills, you come up with someone unstoppable – which is what is required in the face of such antagonists as mysterious .html codes, unruly photos and cranky tables of contents. He learned a whole new internet-publishing software package along the way (Sigil, for you future self-publishers) and taught it to me in his wake.

It’s not that he doesn’t already have a full and busy life. Daniel’s the one who transported his business to the country, bundled up inside his Mac. So in addition to earning a part-time living, staying abreast of his online interests and holding up his end of Shedders’ life, he’s put in a zillion hours of assistance on this project.

What can I say? – Another serious benefit of co-housing.

And between us, we’ve created an attractive, fully functional version of Shedders for your reading enjoyment.


Announcing 1Next week’s post will be written from the late-spring climes of coastal British Columbia, where Rick and I will be summering for three months – in an altogether different shared-living situation.

More on that as the weeks go by.


11 thoughts on “Announcing….

  1. Congratulations Heather! Well done on a massive project “Shedders” and book well managed. I feel so privileged having been there, seen your beautiful setup and experienced the community in person! Enjoy a well deserved summer holiday!!

  2. Wonderful news Heather. Just thrilled for you to receive the recognition you so deserve for such inspirational & riveting writing. Such a talented authoress!
    Lynn from Denmark.

  3. I had tears when I read this, Heather…..How many words are there that mean congratulations? Years ago I had breakfast with an author who wrote a book about about caretaking for her Alzheimer mother in law. I remember saying “I have never had breakfast with an author before, and I am so thrilled to be here”…..and this summer I am going to see my real life authoress neice . Hot diggety dog…..

    Date: Sat, 25 May 2013 05:44:49 +0000 To:

  4. Congratulations Heather

    I am sure it will be great success.

    XX Maarit








    2175 Pittwater Road, Church Point NSW 2105

    PO BOX 356, Church Point NSW 2105

    61 2 99971052; 0417 462 115

  5. Congratulations Heather on your achievement! I look forward to reading it once downloaded the app. Going by your blog writing I know it will be a thoroughly interesting and well-written account of your experience so I thank you for your writing talents (and Daniel’s computer skills) and your commitment and determination to share your share-house experience with those of us who aspire to live this way. It will be an excellent guide on our journey. Bon voyage!!

  6. Wow! I saw you in todays Herald and looked you up. My husband has been talking about this like a dog at a bone for the past 8 years since his mother was forced to move into a nursing home. He constantly talks about it with our friends too. Looking forward to reading the blog and the book and learning more about a path we may very well follow. Thank you. Carrie

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