Feedback 1This is one of those times when there is no post in my drafts queue, and no quick idea in my head, and no time to incubate one.

So I would like to turn this weekend over to you.

The thing is, I don’t often get feedback about what you are enjoying, what topics you most relate to, anything that doesn’t work for you about the schedule, the content, the style. Do you have suggestions for me? What is it about the key themes of co-housing, retirement, relationship and ageing in community that interests you? What am I missing?

What are your favourite posts? Which have you yawn and click away?

Please click Leave a reply or fire me off an email [] and have a word.


11 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Dear, dear Heather your brain is telling you “ Hey, I need and deserve a rest. Shut me down for a little while, while I rejuvenate.. I promise I won’t rust or decay…..OK?” then lie down in the Australian summer sunshine , in your bikini, in your beautifully landscaped yard with a drink in one hand and a non brainer book in the other and lounge the month of Nov. away…..

    You are appreciated and loved…..

    Sent from Windows Mail

    • I love the idea of a brain that promises not to rust or decay 🙂
      I also love the idea of a non-brainer book so off I go RIGHT NOW to take that advice.

  2. Hi Heather!
    Actually, I love all your posts – you bring such an interesting perspective to the issues you write about!
    However I’m very interested in ‘ageing’, but in a new way – seeing this stage in our lives as an opportunity for flourishing, for being creative, for getting involved in social change, protecting the environment, being advocates for unborn generations and for the young etc
    In essence, taking up the very important role of being Elders in our society!! Not drifting off into self-interest, pleasure and irrelevance. Remaining involved and engaged as preservers of what is best in our culture and society because we have the time and perspective (due to our longevity and our lack of ego or personal gain in the future).

    Interesting people in this domain are : Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Theodore Roszak etc

    We are a large segment of the population – let’s use this fact to the benefit of society!!


    • Loved the comment, Meg. With our FLAFF group, we reflect on a weekly basis about “Eldering”–what a world that opens up. I like the idea of using this lens on some forthcoming blogs.

  3. Hi Heather
    I’m sorry if I have not left the occasional comment, as I used to do. I think I will and then I don’t….
    The parts of your blog that I enjoy the most are the relationships, the resolution of the conflicts, your own personal process of looking into your own patterns of behaviour and how you challenge yourself to do better. It’s really the interpersonal relationships that fascinate me the most. Also, I love to hear about the house, the activities you get into, all of you, the guests you have, the groups you attend and the gardens, etc.

    The actual co-housing information now is not so intriguing, since I think I got a lot of that when you were writing about how the project got off the ground and the long process of building and organization you all went through. I think I have lost some of my interest in that since it doesn’t seem to be an option for me, right now, anyway. I DO enjoy hearing about all of you in your daily activities and particularly when something doesn’t go as planned – and how it’s resolved. Those parts are actually inspiring to me!

    Keep it up!
    All the best, Nina

    • Really useful feedback, Nina, and thank you. I find writing the blog challenging – but in a good way – finding the ideas from the repertoire of day-to-day life, and then trying to polish them into something meaningful. Something INSPIRING, as you’ve said. So it’s good to know that I sometimes reach the mark!

  4. I reviewed a few of your recent posts and decided “More than a few unanswered questions” was one of my favourites. But then might be biased. However, since I was overloaded and a bit brain-dead this weekend, I decided to reblog it! 😀 Hope you don’t mind!

    I also like Meg’s theme above and will no doubt continue to tackle similar themes in our own blog. Race ya! Paul

  5. Hello, Heather,
    Thank you for the gift of this opportunity to share. I’m thinking there must be a koan that applies–let’s go with, “How can I show you Zen until you empty your cup?” Quiet replenishes. I await what comes next with anticipation.
    Tonight I read through all your posts since late August, not having had the chance to keep current since–first–a weekend conference at Twin Oaks egalitarian commune (filled me with a new perspective), then the deaths of both of my parents within a month. Surrealistic extremes of loss and sorrowful gain interspersed with the bizarre coincidence of 4 non-consecutive days of interviewing and taping for the Jane Pauley/AARP/Today Show “Life Reimagined Today” (about cooperative householding). Mind whirling for weeks, I’m feeling more grounded again but also in a new phase. So of course the post that made me sit up and blink was about “Shedding” (I may not have got the whole title). Right now, I’m also needing to consider carefully, prioritize, divest and re-invest.
    Thank you for much wisdom from the journey, pilgrim to pilgrim. And my condolences to Eve on the loss of her sister.

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