Gone fishin’

Lord love us.

Rick and I are off on an adventure celebrating our anniversary, and it’s just sunk into my head that this is our 35th. Yes, indeed, I did say 35th. How does it happen that you wake up one morning and there you are next to someone you’ve been with for 35 years? Get real—that’s roughly 12,784 mornings. Another way of looking at it: it’s over half my lifetime.

While I try to recover from the shock of counting all those mornings, Great Barrier Reeflet me tell you what I hope to be doing when you receive this email:

My intention is to be lying face down in the water a few metres off the shores of Lady Elliot Island, Rick close at hand. We’re both adorned with our snorkels and prescription goggles, dazzling our retinas with bright orange clown fish and vivid corals.

In other words, we’re gone fishin’ and that’s it for this week’s post.

Gone fishin'



4 thoughts on “Gone fishin’

  1. Heather will be in Australia snorkeling and Ray will be in Hawaii doing the same thing! Have fun!

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  2. Happy anniversary R & H and many more to come. Your trip will be fabulous and what gorgeous color. Have fun. See you soon. V & R

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